Your privacy is important to Mileage Book A/S. We have prepared this statement on protection of personal details to inform you of how we obtain, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal details. Please read this statement to learn about our practice for protection of personal details. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have by email to .


“Personal details” are details on your personal identity. When you create an account at, we collect different personal details which depend on the type of subscription and may include your name, postal address, phone number, email address and your payment card details. For businesses, we also collect the company name, company registration (CVR) number and details on the contact person. We may use your personal details for the following purposes:

a. Immediately after a subscription has been purchased, we send a confirmation of the purchase.
b. When a subscription expires, we send an email saying that the subscription will be extended.
c. When registering for a 30-day free trial subscription, we may send an email stating how many days the trial subscription will be running before it must be changed to a paid subscription.
d. When registering for a 30-day free trial subscription, we may send emails telling about the features of the different subscriptions.
e. When major updates are made to Mileage Book, we may send an email to draw your attention to the changes.
f. When changes are made to the general terms and conditions, privacy policy or other Mileage Book A/S policies, we may send an email to draw your attention to the changes.

a. When you communicate with our customer service employees by email, phone or in person, we may collect personal details of relevance to the situation, e.g. your name, postal address, phone number, email address, company name and company registration (CVR) number as well as details on support or service requirements. We use these details to provide you with customer and product service.

a. When purchasing a subscription or a Mileage Book product from Mileage Book A/S, payment is effected via the payment solution QuickPay, which stores payment card details. Payment by credit card via QuickPay is effected via a Nets approved and PCI certified payment solution.
b. The QuickPay payment solution uses SSL encryption when communicating with Nets. SSL encryption is also used in the communication between the customers and the server on which QuickPay is located. This means that all details which are sent via the internet are encrypted using a security certificate. This prevents unauthorized persons from intercepting details of your credit card.

a. The company name is used to communicate personally with the business.
b. The company registration (CVR) number is used in some countries to receive our services without paying VAT.
c. Details on the contact person in the business are used for communication as per point 1.
d. The company name and company address may also be used on exported reports.


The Mileage Book app collects GPS coordinates for the app’s movements when activated by the user. Date, time and the vehicle’s odometer reading are also collected.
Mileage data can be used for the following purposes depending on the type of subscription:

a. At the start and stop positions, the app uses internet services to determine the start and stop addresses.
b. GPS points are saved on our servers to enable us to draw the route taken on a map and pinpoint addresses visited on a map.
c. The GPS coordinates are used for calculating the distance of the route taken.

a. Date and time are used to document the trip driven.
b. Date and time are used to sort mileage data.
c. Both the app and website provide the possibility of exporting data for a specified period.

a. The vehicle’s odometer reading is used to document the trip driven.
b. Exporting of PDF files from free app
c. All PDF files are generated on our server. For users of the free version of the Mileage Book app, data are deleted immediately after the PDF file was generated.


All details collected via the Mileage Book site and the Mileage Book app are stored on Mileage Book’s servers which are hosted by Microsoft Azure. Communication between the Mileage Book site and server and the communication between the Mileage Book app and server are effected via a secure SSL encrypted connection.
For users of the free version of the Mileage Book app, data are stored in the phone’s memory.
Mileage Book A/S does not share data with third parties other than those used by Mileage Book A/S to operate the Mileage Book.


A cookie is a small text file which makes it possible to store information or access already stored information on the user’s PC, smartphone, tablet and similar.
We may use cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs and similar tools on and in our emails. These technologies help Mileage Book A/S to track your movements on our site, measure the effect of ads and compile aggregated statistics on the use of and response rates. They also make it easier for you to navigate on